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An inexpensive look-alike of the BlackBerry Bold proves the commonly held notion – looks can be deceiving

Sturdy feel, pitch shift for phone-calls, track-ball navigation, tactile QWERTY keys

Phone unexpectedly shuts down, weak network reception, redundant keyboard button placement, lackluster UI

Cheap QWERTY phones have stormed India and many people have taken a fancy to these phones. These dual-SIM wielding, under Rs. 5000 priced models ape the Nokias’ and BlackBerrys’, which cost at least twice as much. However, more often than not, we find them lacking heavily in the user interface experience and other areas when compared to phones from popular brands. We recently tested the MVL G81 that came across as a fairly decent handset for the price, but wished the UI was done better.

Today we try out the Wynncom Y50, which could easily deceive onlookers for being a BlackBerry Bold 9000. But is it really a good phone or just a look-alike? Let’s find out.

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