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Hi Friends,

I was really ultra busy with my company’s annual meeting(will post photos soon) & launch. It was really a busy month.

Well the good news is.,

I am adding 5 co-editors  from this week.

Mr. Krishna Kumar

My company’s training section lead + Google Fan & Photoshop Enthusiast. He will join with me in making PHP Tutorials, PhotoShop Tutorials & Industry News Updates.

Mr. CJ Santhosh

My friend + Good cricketer + Tech Enthusiast ),  He will be the editor of TechNews & Shopping section.

Mr. Sri Ram

My MCA professor, He knows every programming language & He was a good sleep killer of me. He injects tech interest in my brain & always keeps me awaken in his class. He is writing some text books (GOD!!) for Java. He will be making awesome .NET & Advanced Java tutorials from next week.

I spoke with 3 of my other friends Mr. Vicky, Mr. Gurupandi & Mr. Dinesh for making Photoshop, Maya & Flash tutorials. It will come up from this week. I hope 🙂

Mr. Karthi Keyan., (Myself)

This guy created TechTamil & he became busy in various works (seriously he is working for 3 companies + 2 self-projects daily).  I just kicked him to update TechTamil on regular basis.


Focus Schedule for next couple of weeks.



A mini project based training. Creating an Orkut like social network in PHP.


Introduction to Google Caffeine, Bing SEO, Bing+Yahoo Search Deal Implementation, Introducing TSO Optimization.


Usage of basic tools, Creating nice photoshop effects, Logos & Photo editing.

.NET & Java

Basics & Intermediate level concepts.

So, From this weekend, You can start learning .NET, PhotoShop, PHP & SEO tutorials again 🙂

Thanks for reading TechTamil & I hope you will continue your appreciation to TechTamil.



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