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hi karthi,
ur website is very nice…my ear phone is not working….not working in the sense..when i used it in gtalk or skype i can hear my friend voice but my voice not reaches my friend….what to do…



Hello Mr. Rajesh,

Thanks for contacting Techtamil for your problem. There are lots of possibilities to cause this problem.

#1. Make sure your mic is not in MUTE state.

#2. Make sure you dont have any “Spywares“. They may eat your bandwidth and make your internet slow.

#3. Make sure your “Upload Speed” of the internet connection is good enough to make a voice call. Test your connection speed here www.speakeasy.net/speedtest

#4. Your MIC input jack may got damaged. Check it, By inserting headphone in frontside and backside audio jacks.

#5. Try to use “Sound Recorder”  and make sure that, MIC is totally not working in any applications or just only in Gtalk and Skype.

#6. Reply me after doing all above 5 steps.

Good luck!

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  1. bhuvan says

    Hai ..i think the sound input is in line mode change it into mic mode by going to properties…..

    u can do this by opening sound recorder…

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