Googles New cool feature, search using image


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We searched Google for images and results . Now the technology is advanced to the next level. Let the Google search the web with the image we give. This sounds weird but believe me it works damn good. the video is demonstrated below.

So whats this all about ?

Google introduced a new feature where you have to give the image as input and it will show the relevant results.

So why i need it ?

If you have a picture and you are not sure what it is , you can give it to google and it will fetch the result relevant to it.

hmmm sounds good right ?

Yeah this is real cool . but wait its not over there is other side , i mean disadvantage too . If you are a copy cat who use the images from other websites then sorry you can be caught and can be a victim of copyright violation.Even you do little modifications to an existing image, Google will show the modified image to the copyright holder of the original image. sounds weird right but believe me this is far worse than you imagine :-/

Wait one more surprise is also there

Are you  a facebook freak / social network addict you can be caught by anyone who knows you and anyone can spy you with your image . you know what i just searched my friends photo in google and it promisingly gave his facebook profile in the search result.

So what is the conclusion

No more privacy for anyone

one more info , hope it will make you relax

If you are a webmaster and you know you can restrict the Google bots to crawl your webpage.

ok what about facebook users. now restrict everything for everyone LOL 🙂

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